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FlukeView Forms 3.4 reporting software available from Fluke Australia

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Fluke Corporation, represented by Fluke Australia , have released a new, enhanced Version 3.4 of FlukeView Forms, an analysis and reporting software for digital multimeters (DMMs) and other test instruments.

With FlukeView Forms documenting software, the logging capabilities of handheld test equipment can be used to solve tough problems. Users can download the readings from meters into FlukeView Forms to spot trends, document measurement data and create persuasive, customised graphic reports.

FlukeView Forms 3.4 supports many Fluke test tools, including the advanced Fluke 289 Industrial Trending Digital Multimeter, Fluke 287 Electronics Multimeter, Fluke 975 AirMeter, Fluke 983 Particle Counter and 8845A/8846A Precision Multimeters.

Following are the new features incorporated in FlukeView Forms Version 3.4:

  • Increased Vista compatibility using HTML help and digital signatures.
  • Capability to support the Fluke 289 DMM firmware upgrade for names list and saving meter screen shots.
  • Capability to support the 8846A firmware update and auto detection of the meters in native mode.
  • 975 USB driver directory added to the FlukeView Forms directory during installation.
  • Event data modified when exported from the ‘File/Export Data’ dialogue to provide greater resolution on timestamps and an additional 'table' to support easier graphing/processing of the sample/maximum/minimum readings.

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