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Fluke thermometer goes on space shuttle

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A MODIFIED Fluke 54 Series II digital thermometer, from Fluke Corporation , was used by the crew of the US space shuttle Discovery in a demonstration of space-based repair of Thermal Protection System (TPS) tiles during the shuttle’s “Return to Flight” voyage.

Testing emergency inspection and repair techniques was one of the primary goals of Discovery’s August 2005 mission.

Adapted for work in space by Swales Aerospace in Maryland, the Fluke 54 thermometer and a Fluke 80PK-27 surface probe accompanied mission crew members Steve Robinson and Soichi Noguchi in their space walk on Day Five of the mission. It was used to check surface temperatures during testing of a “space spackle” type of sealant material called NOAX (Non-Oxide Adhesive eXperimental) that may be used to patch small cracks in the thermal tiles if they are damaged during launch or in flight.

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