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Fluke recalls electrical tester

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FLUKE Australia has discovered a potential product malfunction which may effect the safety of the T2 Electrical Tester.

This potential product malfunction applies to all T2 units with serial numbers greater than 7351XXXX. These units were shipped from Fluke beginning in June of 1999.

The T2 has the potential to "lock up" in certain circumstances while checking voltages over 400V or in applications where high levels of static electricity or transients are present.

When the tester "locks up" it stops working for approximately 8 minutes, after which the tester resets itself.

If the user does not follow industry standard practice by verifying the tester before and after checking a circuit, he/she may believe there is no voltage present when in fact there is.

This could place the user in a potentially hazardous situation.

Owners of T2 Electrical testers with serial numbers greater than 7351XXXX should send their units back to have the modifications completed.

Send units to Fluke Australia Service, Unit 26 / 7 Anella Avenue Castle Hill, NSW 2154 or return to place of purchase.

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