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Fluke measurement unit calibration system keeps smart grids running

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article image Fluke 6135A/PMUCAL phasor measurement unit calibration system

Fluke Australia announces the availability of a new integrated measurement unit calibration system designed to test and certify a PMU configuration in less than one day.

Modern day smart grids rely on equipment called phasor measurement units (PMUs) to deliver real-time, mission critical data on the voltage, current, frequency and phase within the distribution smart grid. For the smart grid system to work reliably, PMUs must be calibrated so that their data is consistent, accurate and credible, while also allowing inter-operability between models from different manufacturers. 

Fluke was awarded a development grant by NIST, The National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2010 to develop a PMU calibrator. The resulting Fluke Calibration 6135A/PMUCAL phasor measurement unit calibration system is the only automated and traceable PMU calibration system that fills an essential need for PMU designers and manufacturers, national metrology institutes, third party calibration houses and electrical utilities. 

An integrated system of six components that completes the approximately 600 tests to certify a PMU configuration meets the latest performance standards of the IEEE Standard for Synchrophasor Measurements for Power Systems (IEEE C37.118.1:2011 and IEEE C37.242), the 6135A/PMUCAL completes the tests in 6-12 hours versus 2-6 weeks taken up by manual test methods. The completely automated system allows even non-experts to start using it quickly to perform a complete complement of required tests. 

Mounted in a 19-inch rack with an integrated test connection panel, the system includes a server PC, GPS receiver, system timing unit and three-phase 6135A Electrical Power Standard. It also includes calibration software that lets users create and store personality profiles for the PMUs tested frequently as well as run full certification tests and a wide range of automated and interactive tests. 

The test system architecture lets a user-provided client PC access the test system over the Internet from anywhere in the world. System accuracy yields a test accuracy ratio of 10:1 against the 118.1 PMU specifications. 

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