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Fluke introduces ScopeMeter 190 Series II portable oscilloscopes engineered for harsh industrial environments

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article image Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II portable oscilloscopes are designed for use in industrial environments

Available now from Fluke Australia , Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II handheld portable oscilloscopes are four-channel scopes designed for use in harsh industrial environments.

Safety rated for CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V environments, these new portable oscilloscopes feature four input channels that are fully isolated from each other to perform differential floating measurements. This is a critical consideration for troubleshooting fixed-installation three-phase power electronic devices, such as variable speed motor drives.

The Fluke ScopeMeter portable oscilloscope chassis is sealed from the environment with no cooling slots or fans to expose the instrument. Designed to meet the growing need for four channel portable oscilloscopes in industrial environments, the Fluke ScopeMeter carries an IP51 dust and drip proof rating, meaning it is tough enough to use safely on the factory floor and in the field.

Power electronics are used increasingly in solar and wind energy generation and to maximise efficiency or reduce power consumption, especially in heavy-duty electro-mechanical applications. With the new Fluke ScopeMeter portable oscilloscope, users can now see more and fix more with the use of all four channels.

Featuring a fast sampling rate of up to 2.5 GS/sec and 400 pico second resolution, Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II portable oscilloscopes help users to capture electrical noise and other disturbances in order to diagnose exactly what is going on. With100 MHz and 200 MHz models available, these instruments deliver the bandwidth needed to cover both today’s needs, and tomorrow’s.

The four available channels allow users to inspect input signals, output signals, feedback loops, or safety interlocks simultaneously to solve problems including:

  • signal amplitude or shape variations, induced noise or disturbances across critical circuit nodes
  • signal timing measurements and synchronisation issues
  • attenuation, fluctuation, drift as a result of impedance issues or environmental impacts.
These four channels are highly valuable in testing variable speed motor drives and inverter power electronic technology used in green energy generation and transportation applications.

With these channels users can:

  • view and measure harmonics, transients and loads in three-phase power systems
  • troubleshoot dc to ac converters for faulty insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and control circuits
  • view and measure pulse width modulated waveforms (PWM) for reflections and transients.
The new Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II handheld portable oscilloscopes are convenient and user-friendly test tools. The new, high-performance Li-ion battery technology keeps the instrument on the job for up to seven hours, while the external charger and easy-access battery door makes it simple to swap batteries and extend usage.

The two USB ports, electrically isolated from measurement input circuits, make it easy to capture and share waveforms with the Fluke ScopeMeter portable oscilloscope. They allow users to conveniently store data to a USB memory device or easily connect to a PC via the USB port to transfer waveforms or screen images for data analysis or archive.

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