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Fluke introduces ScopeMeter 190 Series II 2-channel portable oscilloscopes

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article image ScopeMeter 190 Series II 2-channel portable oscilloscope

Specialist in portable electronic test and measurement technology, Fluke , has introduced the Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II 2-channel handheld portable oscilloscopes ideal for service, installation or maintenance tasks on industrial electronics, electrical machinery or control systems.

These new model oscilloscopes combine the power of a 2-channel oscilloscope with a 5000 count digital multimeter and paperless recording modes, to create an advanced test and measurement tool that service and maintenance professionals can rely on for troubleshooting equipment performance problems in the field.

These 2-channel oscilloscopes join the recently introduced 4-channel ScopeMeter 190 Series II models to create a full line of high-performance portable oscilloscopes with two or four independently isolated input channels, rugged sealed case and CAT III 1000V/ CAT IV 600V safety rating.

Oscilloscopes are tools that extend electrical or electronic troubleshooting techniques by providing a clear picture of what an electrical signal looks like. By visually analysing the waveform technicians can instantly see common signal disturbances like noise, distortion or transients.

Using an oscilloscope to closely inspect the waveform over the amplitude or time domain can reveal errors such as signal attenuation, fluctuation, drift or even unwanted offsets and jitter. By capturing and assessing the extent of these anomalies technicians are one step closer to diagnosing an electrical system failure.

Just the right tool for these tasks, the Fluke 190 Series II oscilloscope is portable, safe and rugged, and combines a sealed dust and drip proof case, with a design tested in accordance to IP51 and to withstand 3g vibration or 30g shock.

Key features of the new Fluke 190 Series II oscilloscope include:

  • extended battery life
  • hot-swappable batteries
  • higher safety rating
  • operates for up to 4 hours with a 2400 mAh Li-Ion pack (2-channel models) or up to 7 hours with the high capacity 4800 mAh Li-Ion pack (4-channel models)
  • independent electrically isolated inputs safety rated to CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV
  • available in 200 MHz and100 MHz
  • up to 2.5 GS/s sampling rate
  • deep memory of up to 10,000 sample points per input
  • two electrically isolated USB ports for storage and transfer of data.
Fluke ScopeMeter oscilloscopes are full featured and high performance yet easy enough to use that technicians and engineers use them for a wide range of plant maintenance and field service applications from installation and commissioning to maintenance and troubleshooting of of a range of systems, including:
  • industrial
  • electro-mechanical
  • process
  • automation electronic
  • medical imaging equipment,
  • communications; and
  • avionics.
With the increase in both robotics and co-gen systems, many industrial facilities now require the capability to capture, display and diagnose amplitude, time, wave shape or disturbance related problems on signals, and the Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series II 2-channel handheld portable oscilloscope may just be the solution.

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