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Fluke introduces 430 Series II three-phase power quality analysers

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article image Fluke 430 Series II three-phase power quality analysers

Fluke Australia  announces the launch of a new range of 3-phase power quality analysers featuring a patented algorithm to measure energy waste and quantify its cost.

Introduced by Fluke Corporation, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, the Fluke 430 Series II three-phase power quality analysers help facilities optimise energy usage by reducing electrical power consumption and improving the performance and lifespan of electro-mechanical equipment through an ROI justification to mitigate power quality distortion.

Previously, facilities had to seek the assistance of experts to calculate the quantity of energy wasted due to power quality issues.

The new Fluke 430 Series II three-phase power quality analysers feature a patented Unified Power function that enables electricians, utility technicians, electrical engineers, field service technicians and energy consultants to automatically determine the quantity of power being wasted and calculate its cost with a single handheld tool.

The 430 Series II power quality analysers enable facilities to assess the impact of new energy-efficient, electronically-driven systems from lighting and motor controls to HVAC. Though these systems are designed for energy-efficient operation, they increase the level of power quality disturbance in the overall electrical system, increasing waste energy due to harmonics and reducing the total potential energy savings.

Key features of Fluke 430 Series II three-phase power quality analysers: 

  • Patented Unified Power measurement algorithm allows users to quantify the energy wasted by harmonics and unbalance, and calculate the monetary cost of wasted energy
  • Inverter Efficiency measurement function simultaneously measures the input and output power of inverters in solar systems, wind turbines and UPS units to check energy usage and efficiency
  • PowerWave measurement function in the 435 model displays waveforms, half cycle RMS voltage and current values, allowing users to gather measurements for load profiling
  • Up to 32 GB (8 GB standard) memory and a swappable SD memory card
  • USB connectivity for longer power, energy logging and faster data download
  • Improved screen quality and battery life
  • Software gives users more options to analyse power quality and power consumption
  • Fully compliant with international IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standard
  • Monitors systems with up to 10 power quality parameters on one screen and records up to 150 parameters on 4 phases simultaneously in accordance with EN50160 standard
  • Safety rated 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III

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