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FLUKE Corporation has upgraded the successful 190 Series ScopeMeters test tool with a new firmware release that adds powerful waveform mathematics capabilities.

It's now possible, for example, to multiply individual channel inputs to calculate power graphs. This and many other easy-to-use functions are built in to the version 4.0 firmware.

The 190 Series ScopeMeters are digital dual-input oscilloscopes available with bandwidths up to 200 MHz and real-time sampling rates of 2.5 GS/s.

Each input has its own digitiser, so it is possible to simultaneously acquire and analyse two waveforms. With the new waveform mathematics capability, these input waveforms can be added, subtracted or multiplied.

This allows for one input channel, for instance, to be used to measure the voltage across a device while the other input may be set up to measure the current through that device.

The display can then show both waveforms plus a trace representing the multiplied traces, representing power as a function of time -- useful for fault-finding excessive dissipation that could lead to premature failure.

Other mathematics functions include adding or subtracting individual channels, useful for determining distortion or locating sources of non-linear behavior in a signal chain.

Rise- and fall-times can be fully measured automatically on both input channels, offering greater consistency and accuracy than semi-automatic techniques using on-screen cursors.

Switching parameters can also be measured automatically for which the ScopeMeters test tool determines the appropriate 'high' and 'low' values. On-screen markers indicate the 10 per cent and 90 per cent signal crossing points.

The new firmware also allows for A versus B display of two input waveforms, to show the amplitude- and phase relationship between applied signals in what's often referred to as an X-Y-display.

This enables quick analysis of a range of applications varying from eccentricity measurements on rotating machinery to phase relationships of electronic signals.

All ScopeMeter 190 Series instruments shipped from February 2001 onwards have the new mathematical functions built-in. Owners of ScopeMeters instruments with a V3.x firmware release are entitled to a free upgrade, for which a software upgrade tool is available via the Internet (www.fluke.com/scopemeter).

ScopeMeter test tools running earlier firmware releases can be upgraded at Fluke authorized service centers for a nominal charge.

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