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First cable certification tool for LRE technology

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FLUKE Networks has announced the availability of the new OMNIScanner2 cable test and certification tool, the first product to meet the stringent testing requirements of Cisco System's new Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) technology.

The OMNIScanner2 Version 6.0 can establish communications over 5000 feet and offers an extended dynamic range for attenuation, both required parameters to properly test LRE.

LRE allows scalable deployment of high-speed Ethernet services on existing voice grade copper wire - enabling enterprises, building operators and service providers to quickly and easily deploy high speed data services.

Utilising LRE technology, tenants of hotels, apartment and office buildings with older telephone cabling can receive cost-effective, high-bandwidth Internet connections.

The OMNIScanner2 is currently the only field device capable of assessing whether the cabling performs well enough to support the service offering, by characterising the wiring and providing service personnel a simple pass/fail indication and quality of service results.

"The OMNIScanner Series is the flagship offering of Microtest and is the first product to meet the testing needs for LRE," said Chris Odell, president of Fluke Networks.

"The OMNIScanner Series LRE solution is one of many technical innovations you'll see from the combined Fluke Networks-Microtest organisation that will continue to break new ground and meet new technologies."

Using the OMNIScanner2's one-button Autotest, cabling for LRE networks can be quickly and easily surveyed. The Autotest features all the test parameters required to certify LRE networks, including an expanded attenuation range, robust 5000-foot communication capability and the OMNIScanner's standard Noise, TDRL and PSELFEXT measurements.

If problems are identified, the powerful diagnostic capabilities in the OMNIScanner2 allow users to pinpoint the nature and location of the fault for quicker problem resolution.

The OMNIScanner2 Autotest results can be uploaded to a PC with Scanlink version 8 software to provide easy data management and data reporting capabilities for better records management.

The OMNIScanner Version 6 and Scanlink Tools Version 8.0 with LRE capability are available at no cost over the Internet to all registered OMNIScanner, OMNIScanner LT and OMNIScanner2 users and will become the base software released in new OMNIScanner kits. Fluke Networks 02 8850 3333.

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