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Expansion for network analyser

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FLUKE Australia has released an expansion for the OptiView Integrated Network Analyser and the OptiView Workgroup Analyser. The expansion provides network managers with the ability to discover and characterise devices that are connected to remote subnets on a virtual local area network (VLAN).

In the past, network engineers were forced to monitor each switch port separately with a protocol analyser or equip each segment with a dedicated network analyser to identify configuration errors or connectivity problems commonly associated with VLAN usage. OptiView with VLAN Vision eliminates the need to equip each network segment or separately test from multiple locations. This drastically reduces equipment costs and troubleshooting times.

Using the system, network troubleshooters are able to identify incorrectly configured devices all over the network from a single connection. This extension of network visibility eliminates the need of configuring mirror ports or installing taps in order to acquire the common network information critical to troubleshooting.

In addition to displaying associated MAC, IP, NetBIOS, and services for a device, OptiView with VLAN Vision indicates switch, slot, port and speed. VLAN-related switch configuration information is presented in easy-to-use views for the quick diagnosis of network infrastructure issues. Within minutes, network managers can identify the source of connectivity problems caused by incorrect VLAN membership assignments and inappropriate trunk port configurations.

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