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Enhanced tools provide greater flexibility

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FLUKE Networks has announced significant enhancements to the OMNIScanner2, OMNIScanner LT, OMNIScanner, and their complementary suite of cable analysis software, Scanlink Tools.

OMNIScanner Version 6.0 and Scanlink Version 8.0 add a list of new features including support for the latest labeling and Long Reach Ethernet standards, and automated documentation for both coaxial and twisted pair wiring.

Scanlink V8.0 and the OMNIScanner V6.0 comply with the new TIA-606a standard. The TIA-606a standard provides guidelines for labeling, including the provision of compliant circuit identification templates.

The OMNIScanner software now provides an intuitive interface to TIA-606a Circuit ID Template Selection, allowing customers to configure the Circuit ID Template to comply with TIA-606a classes including Backbone Link Identifiers.

Labels can then be printed manually or automatically when the Autotest results are saved.

Long Reach Ethernet is an innovative broadband access and delivery service technology created by Cisco Systems.

It promotes scalable deployment of high-speed Ethernet services on existing voice grade copper wire - enabling enterprises, building operators and service providers to quickly and easily deploy high speed data services.

The OMNIScanner2 is the only tester approved by Cisco Systems to test LRE. It provides sophisticated features that include custom LRE Autotest, expanded dynamic range, robust 5000-foot communication capability, PS ELFEXT, Noise, and TDRL measurements for troubleshooting.

The OMNIScanner2 is the first tester to store test results to an MMC Card. To enhance the storage capability, the OMNIScanner2 now provides a facility to Save and Auto-Increment an Autotest on completion to a MMC or to internal memory.

The OMNIScanner cable library continues to keep pace with the introduction of new products in the market place. Fluke Networks has removed obsolete cables, added new products and created a new OMNIScanner Cable Library that is synchronised with Scanlink.

New Scanlink reporting capabilities provide well-organised, columnar summary test reports for both copper and fibre.

Structured wiring installers and network managers often encounter jobs requiring assessment of CATV or CCTV cabling in addition to their twisted pair testing requirements.

Currently with the OMNICoax, a tester operator can determine COAX termination status and measure coaxial cable length, impedance and resistance.

The enhanced COAX cable measurement technology can run complete Coaxial Test Suite from the Autotest key. Test results can be stored through the internal flash or the MMC capability.

Results can be viewed from the scanner or downloaded and viewed from the free Scanlink software. The new, columnar summary-style test reports can be printed for data management and customer reporting.

The new OMNIScanner Version 6.0 and Scanlink Tools Version 8.0 software are available immediately at no cost over the Internet to all registered OMNIScanner, OMNIScanner LT and OMNIScanner2 users. Fluke Networks 02 8850 3333.

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