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Electrical circuit presence tester

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FLUKE Australia has announced the availability of the Meterman VT201, a new tester for facilities maintenance, electrical and home improvement markets.

The new Meterman product is a non-contact ac voltage detector with audible alarm.

This handy tester offers the ability and convenience of confirming if an ac circuit is powered up. It can be used to detect live cables behind walls and in conduits, power points and light switchers, basically anywhere there is acvoltage.

The VT201 provides both the home user and the professional a very inexpensive tool with which to quickly check for the presence of ac voltage, without any need to come into contact with the electrical system itself. It provides safe detection of voltages from 70V to 440V ac.

Both a visual and an audio indicator come into play when voltage is detected. The VT201 emits a loud audible chirping which changes pitch in relation to the proximity of voltage, whilst at the same time a bright, flashing LED display also indicates presence. This ensures the tool can be used by anyone, including the hearing or visually impaired.

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