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Digital cable analyser offers Cat 6 solution

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article image The DSP-4300 digital cable analyser.

FLUKE Networks has extended its DSP Series with the DSP-4300 digital CableAnalyzer - a comprehensive cable testing and certification solution for high-speed copper and fibre networks.

A member of the only cable tester line verified by both UL and ETL SEMKO to exceed Level III accuracy specification requirements for Cat 5e and Cat 6, the DSP-4300 offers numerous enhancements over previous models.

These include more on-board memory, a cable ID download capability, enhanced Cat 6 channel adapters (including the channel/traffic adapter), and permanent link adapters - all now included as part of the standard toolset.

The DSP-4300 has increased on-board memory to 16MB. That's enough memory to hold 300 graphical Cat 6 tests-up to a full day's worth of testing with graphs.

In addition, a removable memory card comes with the tester, providing an efficient means to store and transfer the data, whether by uploading test results to a PC or mailing the card to a customer.

The DSP-4300 increases both productivity and accuracy by allowing installers to download cable ID lists onto the removable memory card before going into the field.

Users can download IDs from any application that can generate a text file (ie, a labeling software package, a spreadsheet, Fluke Networks CableManager software, or a third-party infrastructure management package).

Once the memory card is inserted into the DSP-4300, the cable ID list is automatically available for use by the installer. The ID download eliminates the need to manually enter cable IDs and guarantees that test results and company records will always match.

Testing shorter links (60m or less) can cause reflections that reduce the accuracy of channel test results. The DSP-4300's Cat 6 channel adapters have been enhanced with Fluke Networks' exclusive Remote Connector Compensation, resulting in more accurate channel tests.

One of the Cat 6 adapters is a channel/traffic adapter, which allows the tester to perform traffic monitoring for basic network diagnosis and troubleshooting-a capability not available in any other cable tester.

Formerly available as an option, the channel/traffic adapter is now part of the standard DSP-4300 toolset.

DSP-LIA101S permanent link interface adapters are a proprietary form of test leads that are both more accurate and more durable than standard, twisted-pair test leads, which typically require frequent replacement due to wear and tear.

The permanent link adapters move the performance of the DSP-4000 Series out to the end of the test adapter, thereby far exceeding Level III accuracy and eliminating the Return Loss failures that can cause false FAIL results. By doing so, the adapters also save cabling professionals the time they would otherwise spend trying to troubleshoot these false failures.

The permanent link adapters come with two DSP-PM01 Personality Modules -modular plugs at the end of both permanent link adapters that are highly interoperable with a wide range of manufacturers' Cat 6 cabling systems.

As a result, cabling professionals no longer need to carry a large set of individual adapters with them into the field-or sacrifice accuracy by using the wrong type of adapter.

With the purchase of optional fibre adapters, cable professionals can also use the DSP-4300 to certify gigabit ethernet, singlemode, and multimode fibre links.

The DSP-4300 also comes with CableManager software, allowing users to edit, view, print, save, and archive test results-and to store both copper and fiber test results in a single database. Fluke Australia 02 8850 3333.

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