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Data logging multimeter and software combo pack

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FLUKE has released the Fluke 189 data logging multimeter and software combo pack, a package of tools and accessories that includes the Fluke 189 logging digital multimeter and the FlukeView Forms 3.0 software package.

The Fluke 189 digital multimeter delivers 0.025% basic DCV accuracy and over 20 different measurement functions. In addition, the Fluke 189 DMM can measure and log ac and dc voltage and current, resistance and continuity, temperature, and dB as well as perform diode tests. The extended run time battery pack extends data logging with the Fluke 189 to over 400 hours.

Users can set up the Fluke 189 to log and capture data over time to help spot, diagnose and prevent intermittent problems or anomalies that can cause facility downtime. The Fluke 189 captures and time-stamps events that exceed limits set by the user. The meter can log data for more than two weeks (995 points maximum), while the technician goes about other work.

Using the FlukeView Forms software included in the data logging kit, the technician can then view the logged information on a PC display. FlukeView is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and it can display and overlay data from up to six DMMs on a single chart, to show cause and effect relationships or for predictive maintenance applications. Users can modify charts for clarity, print them out and save them for future reference. By downloading the free FlukeView Forms Reader, users can share data and reports electronically with other experts throughout their organisation.

The 189/FVF2 data logging kit includes a USB cable adapter, premium test leads and alligator clips, the Fluke 80BK temperature thermocouple, extended life battery pack, a soft carrying case and the Fluke TPak magnetic hanger strap.

The Fluke 180 multimeters provide are rated for use in 600V CAT (category) IV and 1000V CAT III environments. The 189 is engineered to withstand voltage spikes of 8kV. It is designed to meet the most rigorous second edition ANSI and IE safety standards.

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