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Calibration radio frequency reference source

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FLUKE Australia has launched a new 9640A radio frequency (RF) reference source, adding to its range of precision tools designed specifically for calibration.

The Fluke 9640A RF reference source features a combination of level accuracy, dynamic range and 4GHz frequency capability to calibrate a broad range of RF measurement. It has been designed specifically for metrology applications where the combination of level accuracy and dynamic range is important.

The RF reference source simplifies the RF calibration process by generating the signal range and precision required in a single, easy-to-use instrument. It replaces traditional RF calibration tools such as the level generator, power metre and sensors, and signal generator.

The 9640A can be used to calibrate a broad range of RF test equipment such as:

* Spectrum analysers.

* Modulation metres and analysers.

* RF power metres and sensors.

* Measurement receivers.

* Frequency counters.

* Attenuators.

Dennis Juniper, precision measurement channel manager for Fluke Australia said the Fluke 9640A RF Reference Source was designed to make life easier for technicians who need tools with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

“Fewer pieces of equipment simplify the calibration process for them and ultimately save time and resources.

“Additionally, the 9640A can be automated with MET/CAL Plus Calibration Management Software, which has become the de facto industry standard for automating the calibration process.”

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