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CO-220 Carbon monoxide meters from Fluke

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article image CO-220 Carbon monoxide meters from Fluke

These easy-to-use, lightweight meters from Fluke accurately and efficiently measure carbon monoxide levels.

The CO-220 meters boast technologically advanced electrochemical sensors, which allow them to quickly and efficiently respond to changes in carbon monoxide concentration.

One no longer needs to lug multiple instruments around with them as these meters contain all the features required to measure carbon monoxide levels, they do not even require use of a pump.

The meters are perfect for use across a range of different settings, including commercial buildings, residential buildings, industrial environments and many more.

Results are displayed clearly thanks to a large LCD screen that displays carbon monoxide levels ranging from 0 through to 1000 ppm. Screens also have a back-light so results can be viewed under dim lighting conditions.

CO-220 carbon monoxide meters boast a range of other features, including

  • Beeper triggers that become more frequent as carbon monoxide levels rise
  • The beeper can also been silenced if required
  • A MAX Hold function, which stores and displays the maximum carbon monoxide level
  • Automatic sensor zeroing and self-test sequence upon start-up.
  • Energy efficient – automatically turns off after it hasn’t been used for 20 minutes
  • Electromechanical carbon monoxide specific sensor
  • Replaceable sensors and batteries
  • Sensors typically last three years, batteries 500 hours when alkaline battery is used
  • Come equipped with a C50 soft carrying case, battery and instruction sheet.

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