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Hydraulic valve monitoring system

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article image Fluidsentry’s monitored valves.

FLUIDSENTRY’s hydraulic valve monitoring system is primarily designed as an interface between the fluid power operation of a machine and the electrical safety circuits monitoring gates, guard and emergency stop circuits.

The system comprises two Cetop 3 or Cetop 5 Parker valves with a spool configuration selected in conjunction with a hazard identification/risk assessment for each application.

The operation of the monitoring permits hydraulic power pack motors and pumps to remain online during operator access to machinery areas which would have previously required full current isolation.

The following installation guidelines would require the pump to be pressure compensated type or relief/unloading valve fitted directly on pump outlet.

The dual valve system has been designed to interface with new or existing hydraulic applications and can be fully interlocked in to any existing safety systems to a category 4 level of integrity.

Silting occurs when hydraulic valves are left in the actuated position for long periods of time and in conjunction with dirty or contaminated oil.

This can cause valves to seize in a dangerous situation. The only remedy for such a situation is maintained oil filtering systems and periodic operation of valves, a minimum of once per day or shift is standard.

Silting may also be overcome by cycling each valve at some idle time when there is no requirement for access by operators and there is no operation of the hydraulics.

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