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Low temperature UV disinfection

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article image Hanovia’s medium pressure UV system.

ULTRAVIOLET (UV) disinfection specialist Hanovia, represented by Fluidquip Australia , has modified its medium pressure UV systems for very low temperature applications within the food industry.

These fully validated systems are capable of eliminating microorganisms such as Listeria, E.coli and Cryptosporidium from brine chillers or pickle and marinade injectors at temperatures as low as -17ºC (1ºF).

Designed to meet the most stringent sanitary requirements of the food industry, the microprocessor-controlled UV units can easily be integrated into plant control systems.

Maintenance requirements are low: typically the UV lamps are replaced once a year by on-site personnel.

Automatic internal wiper systems maintain the cleanliness and effectiveness of the medium pressure UV lamps especially important when treating solutions containing a high proportion of suspended solids.

The benefits of medium pressure UV in low temperature brine chillers and pickle or marinade processes are remarkable. Risk of microbial contamination is greatly reduced, while shelf life is increased.

In addition, in marinade applications, operating costs are reduced through less frequent fluid change-over. Finally, as UV is a non-intrusive treatment method, it does not affect the taste, colour or odour of the final product.

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