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Pipes and fittings and gauges from Fluidflo

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Fluidflo  provides a range of pipes and fittings such as, connectors, pump fittings, valves, tees and single and dual manifolds.

Watts female, watts horse barb fittings, watts male, watts reducing stems and watts stackable horse bards are some of the connectors available from Fluidflo. Elbows such as the watts female swivels, watts drop ear and watts union are provided.

Watts steam body, watts union body and watts single side mounting kits are some of the single manifolds available from Fluidflo.

Fluidflo specialises in providing a range of water safety and flow control products such as, ball valves, flexible connectors, strainers, pressure regulators, tempering valves and heater products. Watts flanged strainers, watts plastic strainers and watts in-line strainers are some of the models of strainers available.

Varieties of gauges such as, watts assembly test gauges, bimetal thermometers, watts bottom entry pressure gauges and temperature gauges are available as well. The air assembly test gauges from Fluidflo is widely used in residential, commercial and HVAC applications.

These air assembly test gauges consist of a chrome plated brass manifold, Kostil polymer windows and a steel case. These gauges are available in a variety of pressure rating scales. The bimetal thermometers consist of zinc plated steel case, spiral spring sensing element and a brass thermo well.

The bottom entry pressure gauges from Fluidflo are widely used in residential and commercial applications. These pressure gauges consist of ABS polymer case and copper alloy Bourdon tube sensing elements.

Butterfly valves and relief valves are also available from Fluidflo.

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