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Control valves and filling stations from Fluidflo

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Control valves such as, classic control valves, Mustang control valves and stainless steel control valves are available from Fluidflo . The ACV float control valves are useful in maintaining a constant level in the reservoirs and storage tanks.

Mustang control valves such as the Watts Altitude control valves, Watts basic valves, Watts check valves and Watts float control valves are available from Fluidflo. Watts pump control valves, Watts rate of flow control valves and Watts Solenoid control valves are the other Mustang control valves provided by Fluidflo.

Domestic products including, Alfa single jet meter, Beta multi jet meters and Gamma volumetric meters are available from Fluidflo. The multi jet meters are commonly used for cold water and are available with a straight reading register. The Gamma volumetric meters are water meters suitable for cold waters.

These volumetric meters are rotary piston type meters and consist of an inlet hole and an outlet hole. These meters also consist of a corrosion proof magnetic drive for the transmission of movement. This corrosion proof magnetic drive is protected from the external magnetic fields by a special shield.

Bulk filling stations are also available from Fluidflo. These filling stations offer solutions to potable water usage handling and provide accurate measurement when dispensing the bulk water.

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