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Reduce pump vibration levels by 90% and gain 7% efficiency with Vespel CR-6100 wear rings, bushings and bearings
05.04.2013 - Vespel CR-6100, available from Fluid Seals is a carbon fibre reinforced polymer that replaces metal and other composite materials in valve seats, line shaft bearings, pump wear rings and bushings.
Viton fluoroelastomer seals from Fluid Seals offer assured quality
04.04.2013 - Fluid Seals sources AS568 Viton and fluoroelastomer O-rings from US factories with the materials complying with established standards and approvals.
Vespel CR-6100 wear components for pumps in extreme chemical environments
04.07.2012 - Fluid Seals supplies Vespel CR-6100 wear components from DuPont for pumps operating in extreme chemical environments.
DuPont Kalrez and Vespel parts for aerospace applications available from Fluid Seals
14.06.2012 - Fluid Seals supplies a variety of DuPont Kalrez perfluoroelastomer parts and DuPont Vespel parts and shapes suitable for use in aerospace applications.
Kalrez sealing solutions for harsh processing environments available from Fluid Seals
19.10.2011 - Kalrez parts are made by DuPont Performance Elastomers, a fully integrated manufacturer of Viton fluoroelastomers and Neoprene rubber polymers as well as perfluoroelastomer parts.
Kalrez Spectrum perfluoroelastomer parts deliver broad fluid resistance
17.10.2011 - Kalrez Spectrum perfluoroelastomer parts, available from Fluid Seals are designed to reliably seal in highly demanding environments.
DuPont Krytox oils and greases available from Fluid Seals
14.10.2011 - DuPont Krytox oils and greases, available in Australia through Fluid Seals offer superior performance characteristics in various applications.
DuPont Vespel CR-6100 pump wear components
12.10.2011 - DuPont Vespel CR-6100 pump wear components available through Fluid Seals are designed to enhance pump performance and reliability.
DuPont Krytox oils and greases available from Fluid Seals ideal for mineral processing
03.08.2011 - Mining and mineral processing plants choose DuPont Krytox oils and greases for machinery used in their most demanding applications to extend equipment life and mean time between failure (MTBF).
Vespel CR grade materials deliver chemical- and creep-resistant parts
12.07.2011 - Pump case wear rings, throat bushings and impellers made from Vespel CR grade materials improve refinery oil and gas pump efficiency.
Pumps retrofitted with DuPont Vespel CR-6100 line shaft bearings and wear rings to prevent run-dry failure
11.07.2011 - Line shaft bearings and stationary wear rings made from DuPont Vespel CR-6100 material were retrofitted into pumps to prevent failure during run-dry conditions at an oil refinery.
Motor pump’s HF-resistant backup shaft bearings help combat process leaks
08.07.2011 - Backup shaft bearings made from DuPont Vespel CR-6100 are part of a Chempump NC series canned motor pump used to load anhydrous HF acid into tank cars at a DuPont plant in Texas.
DuPont Vespel CR-6100 line-shaft bearings combat run-dry problems in industrial washing pumps
07.07.2011 - DuPont Vespel CR-6100 line-shaft bearings available from Fluid Seals were installed in an industrial washing pump to prevent run-dry failure during operation.
Fluid Seals announces Kalrez Spectrum 7090 elastomeric components
08.06.2011 - Kalrez Spectrum 7090 perfluoroelastomer parts from Fluid Seals are designed to withstand rapid gas decompression and aggressive solvents at high temperatures.
Krytox Lubricants available from Fluid Seals Reduce Bearing Failures in Mining Equipment
27.10.2010 - An American mining company recently discovered the benefits of using high quality, high performance lubricants from the DuPont Krytox range.
Kalrez elastomers from Fluid Seals perform in high temperature applications
06.10.2010 - With a high service temperature range, Kalrez elastomers provided by Fluid Seals retain their elasticity and recovery properties even after long term exposure to harsh conditions.
Fluid Seals offers low contamination Kalrez O ring seals for semiconductor applications
05.10.2010 - Kalrez UltraPure O ring seals from Fluid Seals have been designed for use in wafer manufacturing applications, and provide strong chemical resistance and temperature properties.
Kalrez plastic seals for chemical and hydrocarbon processes available from Fluid Seals
01.10.2010 - Fluid Seals provides a range of Kalrez plastic seals designed for use in tough chemical and hydrocarbon processes, increasing mean time between repairs and prolonging seal life.
Fluid Seals supplies Kalrez chemical resistant elastomers
30.09.2010 - Kalrez chemical resistant elastomers offer high chemical resistant properties to more than 1800 industrial chemicals, and are available from Fluid Seals.
Vespel high performance backup O rings for Oil and Gas available from Fluid Seals
17.06.2010 - Vespel CR-6100 parts from DuPont perform as backup O rings in a variety of high pressure pumps used in hydrocarbon processing and refining.
DuPont Kalrez 0090 O rings survive in harsh Oil and Gas environments
25.05.2010 - New Kalrez 0090 perfluoroelastomer O rings from DuPont are ideal for harsh oil and gas drilling environments such as deep water and shale.
DuPont Krytox NRT lubricants from Fluid Seals ensure safe operations in reactive gas service
20.04.2010 - DuPont Krytox NRT lubricants, available from Fluid Seals, feature advanced properties that ensure oxygen service equipment, vacuum pumps, cryogenic pumps, valves and compressors operate smoothly.
Why do O rings sometimes fail?
16.02.2010 - Fluid Seals and Packings specialise in material selection, O ring and seal design for OEMs.
Customised seals and O rings from Fluid Seals
15.02.2010 - Fluid Seals specialise in material selection, O ring and seal design for OEMs.
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals from Fluid Seals
11.02.2010 - Fluid Seals has a comprehensive Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Catalogue on its website.
Krytox greases reduce downtime in Rod Mill
09.11.2009 - DuPont Krytox PFPE Greases from Fluid Seals and Packings can outperform regular synthetic and petroleum greases in the toughest of conditions.
Krytox food grade lubricants, oils and greases from Fluid Seals and Packings
22.10.2009 - Fluid Seals offers a range of DuPont Krytox lubricants, oils and greases that are ideal for food processing.
Food grade lubricants by Fluid Seals and Packings
04.08.2009 - The DuPont Krytox range of H-1 PFPE and H-2 certified oils, greases are ideal for the Food and Beverage Industries, combining safety and performance.
DuPont Krytox High Performance Lubricants by Fluid Seals and Packings
08.07.2009 - DuPont Krytox lubricants provide equipment performance and a low life cycle cost.
Kalrez Spectrum 6375 perfluoroelastomer seals from Fluid Seals & Packings
25.09.2008 - Kalrez Spectrum 6375 perfluoroelastomer seals are designed specifically for the chemical process industry. Fluid Seals & Packings supply Kalrez seals in Australia and New Zealand.
Oil and Gas Industry seals available from Fluid Seals
01.11.2007 - In oil and gas exploration even a minor seal failure downhole can disrupt a million dollar operation and mean catastrophic repair costs.
Wide range of custom made seals from Fluid Seals & Packings
31.07.2007 - Fluid Seals & Packings makes vulcanised join O-rings from Viton, EPDM and Nitrile cord.
Safe, Food Grade Seals available from Fluid Seals & Packings
12.06.2007 - According to Food Standards Australia “It is the responsibility of food manufacturers and retailers to ensure that they comply with all relevant legislation.”
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