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Oil and Gas Industry seals available from Fluid Seals

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In oil and gas exploration even a minor seal failure downhole can disrupt a million dollar operation and mean catastrophic repair costs. Used for over six years in over 2,000 wells, no well has ever had to be reworked because a Kalrez V-ring failed.

Kalrez perfluoroelastomer seals have held up, resisting swelling, blistering and embrittlement under the torturous conditions of high pressure, heat, and corrosive chemicals that can destroy the physical properties and sealing performance of other materials.

Common fluoroelastomers have active hydrogen atoms. Under hostile conditions, hydrogen reacts with other elements, gradually degrading the seal.

Because they have no active hydrogen, Kalrez parts successfully resist thermal and chemical fluctuations that cause lesser elastomers to fail.

DuPont Performance Elastomers Kalrez is perfluorinated, completely protected by inert fluorine atoms. No chemical or thermal degradation of sealing parts means no loss of sealing reliability.

Kalrez has been field-proven across the oil and gas exploration and production industry in tubing-to-packer seals, subsurface safety valves, logging boots, casing tie-back seals, survey tool seals and Slip-joint seals.

Kalrez seals increase the reliability of safety valves and other flow control devices.

Kalrez seals are used by equipment and service companies including Otis Engineering and Schlumberger Well Services and downhole by Aramco, BP, Marathon, Shell and Texaco.

Australian distributor of Dupont Kalrez, Fluid Seals, provides oil and gas producers with technical assistance and support.

Kalrez is a trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

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