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Fluid Components International introduces NuTec FS2000L Inline Flow Switch

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A new NuTec  FS2000L Inline Flow Switch has been introduced by Fluid Components International (FCI).

The NuTec FS2000L Flow Switch’s non-intrusive thermal mass flow sensor’s design is constructed of 316L stainless steel, which isolates it from the process media. It is available with electro-polish finishes of 20 Ra and 10 Ra, making it suitable for sanitary and high purity applications in a wide range of applications in the clean water, bio- technology, specialty chemical, food/beverage, medical device, pharmaceuticals and other clean-process industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing. 

The FS2000L provides precise, rapid control in liquids, slurries, high purity gases and air. It reliably monitors the flow of water-based liquids, syrups, lubricants, coolants, highly viscous or adhesive materials, as well as air and gases used in chemical injection, pill coating, fermenting, bottling, pump protection, seal leak detection and more.

The FS2000L performs well in clean or dirty media and is unaffected by entrained particles or bubbles. The FS2000L installs in minutes as an inline-type flow switch, which never clogs or impedes flow because its unique sensor doesn’t protrude into the media. That means there is absolutely no pressure-drop as well.

The FS2000L Inline Flow Switch is accurate to +3% of set-point, with a fast 0.5 second response time and offers +1% repeatability. It operates in media temperatures from -40 to 121°C and operating pressures to 7 bar (g).

The FS2000L Inline Flow Switch is suitable for use in line sizes from 13 to 51 mm. Its wide measuring range supports water-based applications from 0.11 to 324 LPM, and it supports air/gas flow applications from 0.0006 to 9.70 NCMM, depending on line size.

Input power for the control circuit is available in either 24 Vdc or 115/230 Vac. The alarm signal output is a 6 amp, 28 Vdc/240 Vdc resistive relay. Secondary alarm indicator is an open collector circuit (250 mA maximum). 

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