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Direct coal liquefaction plant forerunner

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FLOWSERVE has been awarded a contract from Shenhua Group Corporation of China, which is building the world’s first full-scale direct coal liquefaction plant.

Flowserve Pumps has been involved with the Shenhua project since 2001, providing technical support to process licensors and engineering design companies.

For the direct coal liquefaction plant, Flowserve will provide two reactor recycle pumps, Model 9000-450 PR (CSV), and one ebullating pump, Model 9000-450 PR.

The direct coal liquefaction process utilises two catalytic coal slurry hydrocrackers followed by a single stage ebullated-bed catalytic hydrocracker which offer improved conversion of heavy oils, residues and coal slurries.

The Flowserve reactor recycle pumps and ebullating pump, along with a variable frequency drive and oil injection system, will ebullate the reactor bed. Required to operate three years or more between inspections, the unspared PR pump will operate at reactor conditions with pressures to 210 bar and temperatures to 480 degrees C.

Axens is providing the basic engineering design and technical services for the Shenhua project, based on their H-Oil Process know-how and the H-Coal Large Pilot Plant experience in the 1980s. Axens is also providing the technology license for the T-Star Process for upgrading the coal liquids. Flowserve’s type PR pump was used for the H-Coal pilot plant studies in the 1980s.

The first model production line of the Shenhua Direct Coal Liquefaction Project will be operated in 2007. Based on the success of the first model production line, Shenhua will build more production lines in order to resolve the problem of a lack of petroleum in China.

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