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Marine plumbing systems of Flow-Rite Controls

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Flow-Rite Controls  provides marine plumbing systems and pinch valves. Each livewell control system of Flow-Rite contains control cables, drain control valves and premium control cable actuator.

The system 1 offers remote drain control. This system utilises the cable operated V1 drain shut-off valve for opening and closing the livewell drain hose and the eliminates the necessity of standpipes and drain plugs. Overflowing can be prevented by installing an overflow. This system is claimed to eliminate the chances of clogging.

The auto-off-plane option of System 2 provides freshened livewell water. The auto-on-plane functioning of system 2 helps to automatically make up for the amount of water that is lost due to overflow.

System 3 along with the automatic features of system 2 has a third position closed recirculation. This system is used during conditions when outside water may not be suitable. System 4 is used under conditions where livewell overflows increases above the lake level.

Apart from marine plumbing systems, Flow-Rite Controls also provides pinch valves. Pinch valves require tubing for installation of valves. The applications of Pinch valves can be extended to analytical instrumentation, chemical processing, food and beverage, fluid delivery system, laboratory equipment and pneumatic systems. Pinch valves have a 1mm division metered scale. The outside diameter of the model number PV-2 ranges from 4.0 to 6.0mm.

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