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LubeRight computer-aided manual greasing system from Florite

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The LubeRight is a computer-aided manual greasing system, available from Florite Australia that offers the following advantages compared to traditional manual greasing:

  • LubeRight identifies each lube point and shows the exact amount of grease to be fed. An accurate lubrication extends the life of all bearings.
  • It confirms each lube point and prevents that any point might be forgotten.
  • It enables a follow-up through historical data of every single lube point.

All lube points are equipped with a transponder (a chip baked into a washer-like envelope). The chip holds a unique identification number enabling the system to recognize each lube point. The amount of grease that is to be fed into a lube point is stored in the memory of the grease meter and is shown on the display.
The grease meter registers the actual amount fed into the lube point. When the greasing round has been performed the results are transferred to a PC. The computer program shows how much grease has been fed into every lube point and any deviations, if any, to the set value. The system clearly warns if, for example, a lube point has been forgotten.

The LubeRight system gives the user a clear general view of the manual greasing and a more reliable maintenance. It effectively reduces the risk of unscheduled production breakdowns.

The LubeRight software is installed in the PC. In the administration part of the program the data of each lubrication point is stated: name, group, lubricant amount, interval, lubricant and round order number. Each lubrication point is connected to a specific transponder. The nipples with their transponders are then
mounted on to the lubrication points. The system then is ready for use.

When the lubrication shall be carried out the schedule part of the program is opened and the lubrication points can be seen which are planned for the present week. The grease meter is then connected to the computer and transfer the planned lubrications to the grease meter. When the user connects the grease meter’s nozzle to a nipple the grease meter reads the lubrication point’s identity and the planned lubricating amount is shown on the display. During the lubrication the amount on the display is counted down, the user shall stop the lubrication when the display shows 0. The exact amount of grease that has been fed into each lubricated point is stored in the memory of the grease meter.

When the lubrication round is completed, the user connects the grease meter to the computer again and transfer the data of the performed lubrications to the computer. The user can then immediately see if they have missed any lubrication points and can correct that. When all lubrication points have been lubricated as planned the list will become green. The user can then be sure that he or she has performed their work properly. Afterwards the computer shows for each lubrication point when it has been lubricated and with how much grease.


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