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Florite Australia has been representing Kytola in Australia and NZ for over 10 years. Kytola has been manufacturing instruments for the process industry for over 50 years.

Kytola products include Variable Area Flowmeters, Positive Displacement Flowmeters, Water in Oil Analysers, complete Lubrication Systems and Lubrication Flowmeters.


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17/02/14 - Florite Australia announces the release of the KYTOLA Model SRP stainless steel oval gear flow meters.
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18/06/12 - Florite Australia provides a range of variable area flow meters for the process industry.
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03/08/11 - Amongst the Kytola flow monitoring equipment available from Florite Australia is the Model DPA differential pressure gauge.
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04/03/11 - Model SR Oval Gear Meter lubrication oil flowmeters operate using two elliptical gears which the flow rotates.
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