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Anti-slip solutions from Floorsafe International

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Floorsafe International  offers safety products for walkways, steps, stairways and floors. Floorsafe International provides products for decks of all kinds, stair nosings, bathrooms and baths and showers, as well as safety tapes and plates and line marking. Floorsafe anti-slip system procedure does not involve any kind of mess, noise or smells. The Floorsafe anti-slip system is applied by trained Floorsafe technician or the pack can also be applied by customers that are available in the market. Floorsafe creates a unique anti-slip that’s even more effective when the surface is exposed to wetness. The products offered by Floorsafe International include floor applications such as Antislip for Tiles and Add-A-Grip for vinyl and timber.

The Floorsafe anti-slip system from Floorsafe International thoroughly cleans the surface and leaves the floor hygienically clean. Floorsafe International offers products such as anti-slip for tiled floors, stair nosings, maintenance cleaners, bath and shower, line marketing or coating, anti-slip tapes and mats, vinyl and timber. Rubber treads and tiles, custom made metal plates, tactiles, ladder rungs and reflective tapes. The Floorsafe anti-slip system are installed in many state and local government departments, community housing, disability services, health and aged care organisations, hospitals, hostels, nursing homes, retirement homes and many other industries throughout Australia.

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