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‘Add-a-grip’ continues success in floor safety

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FLOORSAFE started as a small one man operating business in Adelaide. Now after 21 years, the Floorsafe brand has become a very well known name when it comes to providing safety on walking surfaces.

With over 50 operators servicing Australia and distributors in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand, the company sees a very bright picture for its continued success.

All the development and manufacturing of Floorsafe's products is conducted at its Adelaide premises.

"We started with a one container process for making slippery-when-wet tiles ant-slip safe," said Floorsafe International proprietor, Phil Zagni.

"Over the years and with hands-on experience, we have improved the procedure to a three step simple process that results in a better all-round finished appearance.

"The system provides a guaranteed, quick, no close-down operation that can be carried out by a trained Floorsafe operator. Our international counterparts report that overseas competitors do have a problem in matching us in quality, reliability and cost."

Floorsafe International has recently developed an ‘Add-A-Grip’ product for vinyl and timber surfaces.

Mr Zagni says this product has also been based on simplicity, with the solution being added to the cleaning bucket and mopped over the floor.

With stairways and steps becoming a big safety headache for all, Floorsafe International offers several cost effective options.

Anti-slip self-adhesive tapes in various sizes and colours are available for a quick, low cost fix, or for a longer lasting product a metal angle step nosing is tailor-made to the client's size and choice of colour.

Floorsafe International's premium product, however, is its own designed 12mm rubber stair treads, which are manufactured from recycled car tyres, with a choice of metal fronted turn downs.

To save costs, each order is tailor-made to fit each step and landing. These coloured treads feature no waste, are easy to fix, low cost, no noise and no closure time.

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