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‘Set and forget’ robotic cleaners from FloorBotics International

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FloorBotics International  is engaged in the development of robotic hardware and software ands seeks to meet the worldwide demand for an alternative to manually operated mop machines and vacuum cleaners. FloorBotics International leverages its technical knowledge in the area of robotics and has a strong focus on innovation, engineering, design, and electronic development.

Possessing several years of experience in the international robotics field, FloorBotics International is led by two visionary engineers Murray McDonald and Duncan Ashworth. Headquartered in Australia, FloorBotics International operates from several branches in the US, Europe and Japan. Floorbotic owns several patents from across the world and both its FloorBotics International and IVAC products are covered by patents.

The FloorBotics International automatic vacuum cleaner is said to be a ‘futuristic’ appliance capable of performing sweeping and cleaning operations without manual intervention round-the-clock, at the price of an advanced vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner leverages the ARNA navigation system, which is said to perform smart programming of FloorBotics International units. Operating through high-end algorithms.

FloorBotics International vacuum cleaners are said to operate in non-repetitive movements, thereby improving cleaning efficiency. Also, for cleaning of large industrial spaces which are otherwise expensive, the ‘set and forget’ technology of FloorBotics International is said to offer a commercial cleaning alternative that can reduce daily expenses as well as cleaning problems. Owing to these advantages, FloorBotics International products are claimed to have won wide acceptance among consumers and businesses.

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