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Concrete slab preparation services from Floor Preparatiions

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The Shot Blasting services from Floor Preparatiions are used for preparing the flooring for warehouse flooring, parking complexes, private or public buildings and in airport terminals.

These shot blasting services from Floor Preparations provide a good profile that enables high adhesion, with all popular floor finishes. In shot blasting a steel shot is blasted against a floor surface and the debris, dust and the shot are restricted inside the sealed collection systems hopper.

The concrete slab preparation services from Floor Preparatiions are fundamentally used to ensure a flat surface on the floor for a range of traffic conditions. Concrete slab preparation is particularly useful in cases where a person is contemplating the installation of a wooden or carpeted floor.

This service from Floor Preparations ensures that the concrete is flat, clean and dry. The correct concrete slab preparation, including its underlying mixing, the placement of the underlayment as well as the curing of the underlayment is of very important to ensure the safety of the users.

The extensive knowledge of the professionals of Floor Preparatiions in the field of concrete slab preparation techniques, including the reactive properties, the mixing ratio tolerances, the temperature and humidity ranges and the compatibility with other chemicals present makes them the ideal choice to hand over a concrete treatment job or a concrete repair job.

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