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Towers and masts and thermic lances from Flight Bros

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Flight Bros  offers towers and masts and manufactures thermic cutting lances. Free standing towers of modular construction are available from Flight Bros. The modular construction of these towers ensures easy erection and transportation.

These towers from Flight Bros are manufactured according to the international standards and installation services are available from Flight Engineering, sister company of Flight Bros. Flight Bros also offers assistance in the complete installation of the structures including, antenna and ancillary installation.

Project management from site survey and soil testing, foundation installation and civil works to completion and final inspection are handled by Flight Engineering, sister company of Flight Bros.

Variety of accessories such as, guy wires, fall arrest systems, obstruction lightings, insulated fittings and various antenna clamps are also available with the towers from Flight Bros. Welding, profile and laser cutting, sawing, press work and stamping, drilling and piercing and tensile testing are some of the areas of fabrication of Flight Bros.

Flight Bros is known for manufacturing thermic lances commonly used for demolition and cutting. These thermic lances are attached to an oxygen supply and are allowed to burn at high temperatures thus enabling to cut any material. These thermic lances from Flight Bros are available in either plain end or threaded end and the flared ends of these lances helps minimise wastes.

Flight Bros offers MIG welding activities including, stick arc welding, brazing and spot welding. General fabrication activities such as, cold saw cuttings, electroplating and component assembly are also handled by Flight Bros.

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