Flexshield News

How custom earplugs provide greater safety advantages
06.04.2016 - Flexshield presents SonoLab custom-fit earplugs designed to fit the exact shape of the user’s ears to provide protection required in any work environment.
Flexshield supplies acoustic louvres to Murray Goulburn for noise control
05.11.2015 - Flexshield supplied their acoustic louvres to agricultural co-operative Murray Goulburn in Devondale as a noise control solution.
Case Study: Installing acoustic welding bays for Baltimore Air Coil
25.08.2015 - Flexshield custom designed, manufactured and installed three acoustic welding bays at Baltimore Air Coil’s workshop.
SonicClear PVC screens cut dust and fumes in Hastings Deering workshops
06.07.2015 - SonicClear PVC screens from Flexshield were installed at Hastings Deering’s workshop to reduce the infiltration of noise, dust and fumes.
Are overspray and contaminants reducing the efficiency of your workshop?
17.06.2015 - Flexshield customised a sliding wash bay screen for machinery manufacturer Komatsu to address the daily splash and contaminant challenge at their workshop.
Is your workshop too noisy to be safe?
10.06.2015 - Metal fabrication workshops are constantly exposed to high levels of noise from multiple sources, typically in an 80-125 dB(A) range.
Case Study: Allroads hires Flexshield acoustic curtains to provide noise control at Toowoomba construction site
03.06.2015 - Noise pollution from construction sites is a major problem in Australia today.
Flexshield develops a solution to construction noise
01.06.2015 - Flexshield supplied sonic curtains to construction company McConnell Dowell to address a noise control problem at their rail infrastructure project site.
Flexshield welding tents meet onsite welding challenges, impress client’s QA department
15.04.2015 - Flexshield supplied welding tents to a Queensland-based pipe welding contractor to resolve their onsite welding challenges.
Flexshield’s factory zoning solution for Rolls Royce
10.04.2015 - Flexshield designed and supplied a custom-made factory zoning solution to world-leading automobile manufacturer, Rolls Royce.
Acoustic louvres and sonic access doors installed in Nestle plant room
31.03.2015 - Global food manufacturer Nestle contracted Flexshield to supply a sound control solution designed to address the noise challenges in their plant room.
Case Study: Noise curtains blocking out demolition noise
25.03.2015 - Flexshield sonic curtains were installed for a recent demolition project at Melbourne Airport to address noise issues.
Case study: Wash bay screens for manufacturers
17.02.2015 - A leading Australian car manufacturing company installed wash bay screens from Flexshield to help contain overspray issues.
Flexshield develops new contamination control solutions
11.02.2015 - Flexshield supplied a customised welding tent to meet the needs of a client seeking a clean room environment for contamination control.
Flexshield temporary noise control shuts out sound on building site
30.10.2014 - Flexshield supplied sonic curtains to the builders of a new $400 million shopping centre redevelopment project as a temporary noise control solution.
Flexshield Weldflex curtains used in new James Cameron documentary
01.10.2014 - Flexshield Weldflex strip curtains were used by James Cameron during the making of his submarine for his most recent documentary ‘Deepsea Challenge’.
Flexshield installs PVC strip doors in entrances
09.09.2014 - Flexshield recently supplied a transparent black PVC strip door curtain for an Australian shop owner.
Case Study: Construction company cuts noise using Flexshield sonic curtains
29.08.2014 - Flexshield sonic curtains were utilised by an Australian construction company as a noise control solution for a demolition project.
Flexshield installs acoustic welding bays and curtains for Australian bullbar manufacturer
10.04.2013 - Flexshield installed a noise control solution for an Australian bullbar manufacturer located in Campbellfield, Victoria.
Flexshield installs an acoustic cell to control noise in air arc gouging
09.04.2013 - Flexshield installed a customised acoustic enclosure as a noise control solution for a large Western Australian business.
Flexshield Sonic Wall acoustic fence installed at Direct Freight to enable business expansion
08.04.2013 - Flexshield installed a noise control solution for Direct Freight at their freight depot in Warwick Farm, New South Wales.
Flexshield installs clear flexible noise control screens at workshop
13.03.2013 - Flexshield designed, manufactured and installed an efficient noise control solution at a metal fabrication workshop to reduce the health hazards of excessive noise exposure.
Flexshield installs noise control curtains for worksite
12.03.2013 - Flexshield installed noise control barriers at a worksite in a residential area in Brisbane, Queensland to reduce noise from the contractor’s drilling operation.
Flexshield acoustic covers for electrical pump motors
11.03.2013 - Flexshield installed acoustic pump covers on two large electrical pump motors at a public utility water plant in Perth, Western Australia.
Flexshield installs noise control curtains for generator hall on remote island
08.03.2013 - Noise control solutions manufacturer Flexshield designed, manufactured and installed Sonic Curtain acoustic screens to soundproof generators on a remote island.
Flexshield welding tents offer complete protection for all onsite welding
07.03.2013 - Flexshield welding tents or ‘Humpy’s’ are designed to provide complete protection for the welding process, especially in harsh conditions.
Flexshield soundproof curtains provide temporary noise reduction solution around plant equipment
06.03.2013 - Flexshield offers a range of soundproof curtains designed to provide a temporary noise reduction solution around plant sites.
Flexshield installs acoustic screens around HVAC equipment for noise control
05.03.2013 - Flexshield designed, manufactured and installed acoustic screens around the HVAC equipment housed on a rooftop. The acoustic screens were installed as a noise control solution.
Flexshield soundproof doors offer effective noise control on industrial worksites
30.10.2012 - Flexshield specialises in engineering some of the most effective noise control solutions for workplaces in Australia.
Soundproofing solutions for industrial workplaces from Flexshield
29.10.2012 - Flexshield offers several effective soundproofing solutions to protect workers in industrial workplaces.
Flexshield offers high quality acoustic doors to minimise noise pollution
26.10.2012 - Acoustic doors manufactured by Flexshield are suitable for a wide range of noise control applications in industrial and commercial environments.
Flexshield offers Weldflex strip curtains for welding safety
25.10.2012 - Flexshield supplies durable Weldflex strip curtains for welding bays to improve workplace safety.
Flexshield sliding strip curtains help organise workspace and control workshop hazards
24.10.2012 - PVC sliding strip curtains from Flexshield help increase workplace safety by controlling workshop hazards and protecting employees.
Flexshield flexible PVC curtains provide soundproof solutions and easy access
15.11.2011 - PVC strip curtains from Flexshield are designed to offer noise reduction solutions while maximising workplace safety.
Acoustic Doors from Flexshield
07.06.2011 - Noise control specialists Flexshield specialise in the manufacture and supply of a complete range of acoustic doors.
Welding Screens from Flexshield Prevent Exposure to Welding Light
12.04.2011 - Flexshield offers a range of welding screens that prevent exposure of personnel to welding light that can potentially cause cancer.
Portable Acoustic Noise Panels from Flexshield Help Meet Health and Safety Norms
07.04.2011 - Portable acoustic noise panels are available from Flexshield as a noise control solution in industrial environments.
Flexshield 2400 Flexible PVC Doors
07.12.2010 - Flexshield developed the 2400 Series Doors to stand up to the continual traffic of trolleys, pallets, stock and energetic staff.
WELDFLEX Strip Curtains from Flexshield
06.12.2010 - The WELDFLEX Strip Curtains from Flexshield feature 2mm thick strips designed to provide unmatched resistance to tearing or burning.
Health and Safety issues relating to the exposure to excessive noise in the workplace
27.10.2010 - Flexshield's extensive range of sound control and noise screen products can reduce noise substantially, and enable companies to comply with the expected noise level standards.
Acoustic dividing walls from Flexshield, designed to minimize noise.
26.10.2010 - The acoustic dividing walls from Flexshield are very effective in minimising traffic noise or reducing noise from equipment.
Flexshield 3000 Series Doors, the original PVC doors
25.10.2010 - Flexshield 3000 Series Doors are the original PVC doors and remain the leader in large doorways or heavy traffic areas.
Flexshield welding tents available from Flexshield
22.10.2010 - The Flexshield welding tents offer protection from wind and the weather and safer welding conditions for operators and bystanders.
Flexweld non conductive welding mats from Flexshield
24.08.2010 - Flexshield now have non conductive welding mats available, used to reduce the risk of electric shock in environments with high voltage electrical current.
Transformer and substation noise control solutions from Flexshield
17.06.2010 - Flexshield was recently contacted by a renowned company for noise control solutions on one of thier substaion contracts.
Sound proof pump covers from Flexshield
16.06.2010 - Flexshield has recently provided sound proof pump covers for a number of pumps on regional sewer treatment stations.
Noise Control Solutions provided by Flexishield
19.03.2010 - Noise control solutions are provided by Flexshield to industrial sectors including manufacturing units, mining units and plant equipment. Various noise control products are also introduced by them.
Industrial arts welding bays and grinding bays from Flexshield
03.12.2009 - Flexshield is the supplier for safe industrial arts fit outs by installing the Sonic System acoustic dividing wall system.
Trade Training in the operation of Welding Bays / Grinding Bays & Extraction
02.12.2009 - Flexshield products and services solve issues of Student / Trainer safety and the need for robust vandal resistant equipment in education sectors.
Sound Stop sound proof screens for workplace noise control available from Flexshield
20.10.2009 - Available from Flexshield, Sound Stop sound proof screens are increasingly being used in industry as an effective and versatile solution to noise issues.
Sound proof curtains from Flexshield
19.10.2009 - Available from Flexshield, sound proof curtains can provide noise disturbance solutions in a range of environments including manufacturing and industrial.
Workshop Partition Systems available from Flexshield
16.10.2009 - Flexshield supply a range of acoustic bay partitions or dividers for use as workshop partition systems.
Welding bays and screens from Flexshield
15.10.2009 - Flexshield welding bays and welding screens provide simple and cost effective ways to create safe and efficient environment for welding
Acoustic louvers available from Flexshield
15.10.2009 - Acoustic louvers from Flexshield have been designed to offer acoustic performance (noise reduction) with minimal airflow restrictions.
Sound proof enclosures from Flexshield
14.10.2009 - Sound proof enclosures from Flexshield are used to control noise for Health and Safety requirements.
Welding screens and mobile welding curtains available from Flexshield
13.10.2009 - Welding screens and welding curtains from Flexshield are available in a number of standard sizes. Custom made welding screens and welding curtains can be made to suit specific requirements.
Welding benches available from Flexshield
12.10.2009 - Welding benches and welding tables are used in TAFEs, high schools, trade training centres and engineering workshops.
Sound and noise screens from Flexshield
12.10.2009 - Flexshield provide noise surveys and information about sound and noise screens.
Sound screens from Flexshield
09.10.2009 - Available from Flexshield, sound screens prevent noisy work stations from becoming an OH&S problem.
Grinding bays and curtains from Flexshield
08.10.2009 - The construction of a designated and properly constructed grinding area plays a vital role in any modern workshop. Employers are legally required to provide protection not only to the grinding operato
Acoustic and sound proof doors available from Flexshield
07.10.2009 - Flexshield has been manufacturing sound proof door sets for a variety of technical applications since 1994.
Welding bays and work shop partitions by Flexshield
01.10.2009 - Flexshield offers a complete range of welding bays.
Sound control products available from Flexshield
29.05.2009 - Flexshield's extensive range of sound control products can reduce noise substantially, and enable companies to comply with the expected noise level standards. These products ensure increased productio
Wash Bay curtains available from Flexshield
28.05.2009 - The extensive range of Flexshield Wash Bay products can help in keeping the work area clean and free from water. Flexshield Wash Bay curtains are suitable for car dealers and can be used where ever a
Mobile noise control panels available from Flexshield
27.05.2009 - Each mobile noise control panel, available from Flexshield, is fitted with quality industrial grade swivel castors with brakes. Sizes are custom made to suit the exact application and environment.
Grinding bay partitions available from Flexshield
26.05.2009 - Grinding and welding operations are one of the most intense noise sources in the industrial working environments. For the design and construction of low noise working areas, Flexshield offer a complet
Sonic System panels available from Flexshield
25.05.2009 - Flexshield modular Sonic System is used for the control of airborne sound in industrial environments. The light weight acoustic panels are easily handled, and can be used to create complete acoustic e
Acoustic Louvres available from Flexshield
22.05.2009 - The installation of acoustic louvers or grilles allows for adequate ventilation while maintaining acceptable noise levels.
Acoustic foams available from Flexshield
21.05.2009 - Acoustic foams are available from Flexshield.
Grinding and welding booths from Flexshield
20.05.2009 - Flexshield offer grinding and welding booths for the design and construction of low noise training areas. These partitions offer a significant improvement to working and ergonomical conditions in the
Welding and grinding bay cubicle partitions available from Flexshield
19.05.2009 - Flexshield are involved in supply, design and fit out for all metal trade areas in training centres. Flexshield also assist in noise control or dust extraction that maybe required for construction or
Sonic insulating partitioning systems from Flexshield
18.05.2009 - For the design and construction of low noise training areas, Flexshield offer sonic insulating partitions. These partitions offer an improvement to working and ergonomical conditions in the work place
Acoustic absorbent panels available from Flexshield
10.04.2009 - Flexshield clean room acoustic absorbent panels are designed to provide supplemental sound absorption, which is required for a good sound environment in clean rooms or any other area with stringent hygiene requirements. These types of areas are norma
Acoustic enclosures available from Flexshield
09.04.2009 - Flexshield acoustic enclosures are designed to meet the handling, accessibility and size constraints imposed by each machine in its environment.
Flexible acoustic enclosures available from Flexshield
08.04.2009 - Flexible acoustic enclosures, available from Flexshield, are used in situations having noise issues. Flexible acoustic enclosures can be adapted to suit the needs of a user’s requirements either through a change of operations or a re-arrangement of s
Noise and sound control curtains available from Flexshield
07.04.2009 - Noise curtains and sound control curtains are available from Flexshield. Noise curtains and sound control curtains provide effective attenuation and absorption of noise.
PVC strip doors and PVC strip curtains from Flexshield
06.04.2009 - The Flexshield PVC strip door or strip curtain solution suits most doorway and screen problem. Flexshield strip doors, strip curtains and industrial barriers can help to save energy, improve worker co
Flexshield PVC strip curtains for industrial doorways
03.04.2009 - Flexshield PVC strip curtains are an economical solution to all industrial doorway problems. Flexshield PVC strip curtains are used to control noise, dust, fumes and smoke, wind, rain, flying insects and birds.
PVC Strip Curtains available from Flexshield
01.04.2009 - Flexible PVC Curtains are available from Flexshield. PVC Strip Doors are used to control noise, dust, vermin and birds, cross contamination and splash. A flexible slat door will also create a temperat
Sound control curtains from Flexshield
12.03.2009 - Flexshield help many businesses to meet Work Place Health and Safety laws with their sound control curtains. Noisy work stations often require numerous interventions involving the handling of bulky eq
Attenuators/splitters from Flexshield eliminate noise from air intake or discharge
11.03.2009 - Flexshield attenuators/splitters are designed to eliminate noise from air intake or air discharge on plant equipment.
Acoustic doors available from Flexshield
10.03.2009 - Flexshield acoustic door assemblies are designed for intensive use. Facings in heavy sheet metal, rigid frames and welded hinges assure comfort, security and a long service life. Flexshield door assem
Pallet Racking Dust Control solutions from Flexshield
25.02.2009 - Flexshield offer a range of dust control solutions for Pallet Racking Dust Control Enclosures.
PVC Strip Curtains available from Flexshield
10.02.2009 - PVC Strip Curtains, available from Flexshield, are also commonly called as flap doors, butcher doors, strip doors and slat doors. Flexshield PVC Strip Curtains provide major energy savings in refriger
Industrial dust covers available from Flexshield
09.02.2009 - Flexshield offer a range of industrial dust covers for tool boxes. Each dust cover is made to size with zips on the front edge to allow for access through the dust cover.
Welding screens and welding curtains available from Flexshield
06.02.2009 - Flexshield have a range of welding screens and welding curtains to suit welding protection requirements. Standard welding screens and welding curtains offer a protective barrier to personnel in the workplace which may be subject to ‘Welding Flash.’
Mobile acoustic panels available from Flexshield
02.02.2009 - Each Mobile Noise Control Panel, available from Flexshield, is fitted with quality industrial grade swivel castors with brakes. Sizes are custom made to suit the exact application and environment.
Welding Bays for training centres from Flexshield
30.01.2009 - Flexshield design complete layout of Welding Bays and provide a one package solution including Welding Bay dividing walls, Welding Screens, Work Benches, Extraction, Power, Lighting, Gas Supply and even welders.
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