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Soundproofing solutions for industrial workplaces from Flexshield

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Flexshield  offers several effective soundproofing solutions to protect workers in industrial workplaces.

Noise is a very real problem for many Australians at work. Industrial workers exposed continuously to noisy environments are not only at risk of reduced productivity and more distractions at work, they also experience severe health issues including industrial deafness and tinnitus that can be detrimental to their long-term wellbeing.

Soundproofing industrial workplaces therefore, creates a more pleasant work environment and enhances worker health.

It is especially important to install soundproofing in areas of the workplace where the noise level has been determined to exceed the National Standard for Occupational Noise.

Hearing loss from industrial employment is a very common problem in Australia. To minimise the problem, the government has set maximum acceptable noise levels, exceeding which the workplace has to include some type of soundproofing to ensure compliance.

Types of soundproofing solutions:

Several soundproofing solutions are available for industrial workplaces depending on the severity of the noise as well as the size of the area.

Acoustic Enclosures

Easily installed in industrial areas, acoustic enclosures are perfect for different areas to reduce the noise levels including areas where there are loud industrial machine noises. Acoustic enclosures can be installed in walls, windows and doors for maximum soundproofing.

Acoustic Curtains

Suitable for large areas that require maximum soundproofing, acoustic curtains not only make the area soundproof but also absorb excessive noise to offer further protection. Acoustic curtains can be easily moved or changed should the need arise.

Mobile Acoustic Panels

Suitable for soundproofing areas with mild noise problems, mobile acoustic panels can be easily moved between workspaces. The mobile acoustic panels can be moved around till optimum soundproofing is achieved.

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