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Sound proof curtains from Flexshield

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Available from Flexshield , sound proof curtains can provide noise disturbance solutions in a range of environments including manufacturing and industrial.

Workplace noise can be dangerous and distracting and can often effect employee productivity. Sound proof curtains is a versatile and efficient way to eliminate the noise issue faced in many working environments.

Sound proof curtains allow for greater portability as they can be mounted onto a mobile frame. This ability to move them from machine to machine provides sound proofing as work progresses around the floor.
Double-tiered sound proof curtains can be installed to provide noise barriers between the areas in which machinery is operating and the rest of the facility. The sound proof curtains can be constructed with viewing windows along their lower tiers while sound proof screens can also be used to create sound proof enclosures.

Sound proof curtains can be used outdoors to shield rooftop cooling and heating units of any outdoor machinery that poses a noise disturbance in a neighbourhood. Movie theatres use sound proof curtains on the walls to insulate the sound from one theatre so that the sound does not bleed into the auditorium of another.

Sound proof curtains are an inexpensive, removable solution to noise problems, whether they are inside or outside the workplace.

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