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Flexshield provide noise surveys and information about sound and noise screens.

Noise induced hearing loss is a major disease in Australia and 37% of all reported hearing loss is directly attributed to excessive noise exposure. The government has established maximum permissible noise level standards. The maximum noise level to which employees are exposed on the shop floor, should be limited to the legal maximum noise level. These standards are legal requirements and if not heeded can result in legal action via both government authorities and employee litigation claims.

Without using sounds screens the Prolonged exposure to high noise concentration can damage the ear drums and cause noise related deafness. Besides personal suffering, this often means long term absences through illness or high costs as a result of permanent disability. In less serious cases, too much noise is often the cause of loss of concentration and consequently loss of quality and lower production volumes.

Too much noise also seriously disturbs communication on the shop floor which leads to mistakes. Indeed not being able to freely communicate on and around machinery poses a massive risk itself. This is just another example highlighting the importance of sound screens.

Studies have shown that noise pollution in training rooms leads to gaps in knowledge and even educational errors. TAFEs, colleges, schools, training centres and engineering workshops have benefited significantly from Flexshield's Acoustic Welding Bays and or sound screens.

Damage to ears can be compared to damage to skin from sun exposure in both cases damage is cumulative depending on the degree and length of exposure. With each case prevention is the only cure.

Flexshield's extensive range of sound control products can reduce noise substantially, and enable companies to comply with the expected noise level standards. These innovative products ensure increased production and improved performance of employees in noisy environments.

Flexshield products increase not only the safety of the work place but also the efficiency, which in turn improves the workflow and generates cost savings.

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