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Subduing the transmission of sound energy and absorbing vibrations, Flexshield Clear PVC and Loaded Vinyl barriers control noise pollution.

Noise control barriers can be used to fully or partially enclose a noise source, they can be hung in doorways leading to sources of noise such a plant rooms or a mobile noise barrier can be made by simply hanging the noise barrier on a frame with castors.

Industrial noise control barriers install quickly and economically while providing greater noise reduction than any other materials of similar size and weight.

Fabricated to exact requirements
  • Excellent Acoustic Performance
  • Extremely durable
  • UV stabilised suiting indoor and outdoor applications
  • Provides 100% “glass” vision
  • Can be hung as strips, sheets
  • Available in a range of sizes and tints

Flexshield Loaded Vinyl for effective Acoustic Performance

  • Extremely durable
  • Suited indoor and outdoor applications
  • Instated as strips, sheets
  • Available in a range of sizes and thickness
  • Available in pipe lagging versions
  • Manufactured to your exact requirements

Industrial applications of Flexshield's Noise Control Barriers

  • Isolate or enclose noisy equipment or operations
  • Isolate or enclose operators and bystanders
  • Separate noisy work areas from other areas
  • They also provide protection against dust, fume and splash contamination

Flexible Sound Barriers can be used as:

  • Sound Barrier Enclosures
  • Sound Barrier Partitions
  • Sound Curtain Dividers
  • Sound Barrier Strip Curtains
  • Sound Barriers for Construction Sites
  • Mobile Sound Barrier Screens

Experienced Flexshield engineers are able to assess your site and recommend a quality solution to optimise your operations.

A completely customised solution will be produced to ensure that you receive a noise control product to your requirements.

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10/06/15 - Metal fabrication workshops are constantly exposed to high levels of noise from multiple sources, typically in an 80-125 dB(A) range.
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03/06/15 - Noise pollution from construction sites is a major problem in Australia today.
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01/06/15 - Flexshield supplied sonic curtains to construction company McConnell Dowell to address a noise control problem at their rail infrastructure project site.
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25/03/15 - Flexshield sonic curtains were installed for a recent demolition project at Melbourne Airport to address noise issues.
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29/08/14 - Flexshield sonic curtains were utilised by an Australian construction company as a noise control solution for a demolition project.
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