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Grinding bays and curtains from Flexshield

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The construction of a designated and properly constructed grinding area plays a vital role in any modern workshop. Employers are legally required to provide protection not only to the grinding operator but also to other employees at risk in surrounding areas.
Grinding bays, available from Flexshield provide this protection. grinding bays provide a barrier to all personnel against harmful grinding sparks and dust This not only helps to comply with safety regulations but also greatly improves fire safety by limiting the spread of hot sparks. Grinding curtains will also greatly assist in reducing noise.
By eliminating these hazards and risk companies will benefit from:

  • A safe working environment
  • Increased employee morale
  • Improved work productivity
  • Efficient work flow
  • Cost saving
Grinding bays are available in  4 standard sizes or they can easily be constructed to meet your exact requirements. Supplied as a kit or installed they are simple, cost effective and extremely durable.
Standard sizes for the grinding bays are:
  • 1800mm x 1800mm
  • 2400mm x 1800mm
  • 2400mm x 2400mm
  • 3200mm x 2400mm

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