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Grinding bay partitions available from Flexshield

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Grinding and welding operations are one of the most intense noise sources in the industrial working environments. For the design and construction of low noise working areas, Flexshield offer a complete system of grinding bay partitions. These partitions offer a significant improvement to working and ergonomical conditions in the workplace.

Grinding bay partitions can be built into any design combination. The modular system can be easily and quickly assembled, moved, expanded or changed into other configurations.

Each grinding bay element consists of perforated steel sheet and a fire resistant Sonic Core. Out of these components, it is easy to construct complete welding or workshop bays.

Grinding bay partitions allows for the mounting of extraction, shelves and other necessities.

The outside facing columns can be fitted with different mounting devices for curtains and welding strips.

For permanent application, Flexshield supply a completely enclosed acoustic grinding room. These can either be static on the floor or placed on a skid to allow shifting around the workplace. Additions include:

  • Acoustic doors
  • Vision panels
  • Air exchange systems
  • Downdraft grinding benches

Full NATA test results are available for Flexshield acoustic products.

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