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Flexshield installs an acoustic cell to control noise in air arc gouging

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article image Acoustic enclosure – Room splits on rolling track to allow equipment access

Flexshield  installed a customised acoustic enclosure as a noise control solution for a large Western Australian business.

The business was experiencing extremely high noise levels during air arc gouging while repairing mining equipment. Also known as carbon arc cutting, air arc gouging is a process commonly employed in the mining and manufacturing industries, using an electrode-positive carbon arc to generate intense heat, which physically melts and removes metal.

Air arc gouging is often used in the mining industry to repair damaged digger buckets, and can generate dangerous noise levels of over 140 decibels, potentially causing hearing impairment.

The business required a noise control solution that would reduce the noise to a safer level. The solution also needed to take into account the large sizes of the equipment being repaired as well as extraction of hot air and gases from the air arc gouging process.

Noise control solutions specialist, Flexshield designed, manufactured and installed an acoustic cell for the air arc gouging process. The acoustic cell consists of noise control screens manufactured to run on a sliding chassis, which allows the cell to be split for the equipment to be lifted into place.

The acoustic enclosure, complete with extraction system and electrical fittings is then pushed back to cover the equipment as well as the operator, helping to reduce 30dB of noise.

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