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Flexshield flexible PVC curtains provide soundproof solutions and easy access

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PVC strip curtains from Flexshield are designed to offer noise reduction solutions while maximising workplace safety.    

Workplace safety is an important requirement for commercial and industrial businesses. Flexshield offers a range of customisable PVC strip curtains that offers a high level of safety against many workplace hazards.  

Forklifts, trolleys or other vehicles in manufacturing or plant facilities pose a physical threat to staff in the vicinity. The transparent PVC curtains allow workers to detect oncoming vehicles while also enabling drivers to keep an eye open for workers on the other side.    

The flexible PVC curtains allow free movement of vehicles from one area to another without the need to open doors or otherwise obstruct the entrance.  

A key advantage of PVC curtains is that they are also highly effective for screening off an area to protect against dust, smoke, fumes or splash hazards. The durable PVC strip curtains allow industrial companies to create controlled environments within the workplace while simultaneously maintaining a high level of workplace safety.  

PVC curtains are also ideal as effective noise barriers between various sections within the facility in addition to offering an additional level of weather protection at outdoor entrances.  

Flexshield’s highly customisable PVC curtains are available in a wide range of options including styles, thicknesses and colours to suit specific applications. Manufactured using superior quality materials, the flexible PVC curtains come with non-corrosive mounting components to ensure durability. 

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