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Acoustic foams available from Flexshield

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Acoustic foams are available from Flexshield . These foams have the following advantages:

  • Reduction of impact noise from shocks of parts on sheet metal, metal housings, loading chutes, hoppers, conveyers and crushers
  • Dissipation of vibratory energy in metal structures such as hoods, machine housings, ducts, pellet conveying tubes and ventilation ducts
  • Reinforcement of the sound insulation of a partition by eliminating the insulation losses of a sheet at its coincidence frequencies
  • Increase in the insulation of a partition by increasing the mass effect of the partition. For example, machine hoods and sound attenuating partition-walls
  • Soundproofing of all types of metal objects, such as stainless worktables, metal trolleys, metal desks and cabinets or panel beating
  • Acoustic backing for partition-walls

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