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Weigh batching systems available from Flexicon Corporation

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Flexicon Corporation  have complete systems to deliver any bulk material from any upstream source, weigh batch and blend single or multiple ingredients and deliver the batch to any downstream destination automatically.

Whether it is sourcing material from bulk bags, silos, manual dumping stations, process equipment or all of the above; weigh batching one ingredient or 50; blending the recipe; filling containers, and/or delivering it to process vessels, packaging lines, or any other destination; Flexicon Corporation have a range of equipment for providing weigh batching solutions.

From individual loss-of weight bulk bag weigh batch dischargers to automated gain-in-weight batching/blending systems integrated with upstream and downstream equipment, Flexicon Corporation offer a range of specialised equipment and the engineering talent required for a smooth start-up and efficient performance.

Flexicon Corporation equipment moves the material at high rates for fast batching cycles and at steady dribble-feed rates for accurate weights and delivers recipes with no separation of blended materials and no exposure to potential contamination.

Flexicon Corporation equipment can move positively the ingredients that are free-flowing pellets, powders that pack, bridge or smear, products that fluidise, or blends prone to separation. Flexicon Corporation weigh them accurately and deliver them in prime condition.

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