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Bulk bag dischargers from Flexicon Corporation (Australia)

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Flexicon Corporation (Australia)  present bulk bag dischargers. These units are offered in a variety of frame configurations including BFF series dischargers with bag lifting frame for forklift bulk bag loading and unloading, and BFC series dischargers with cantilevered I-beam, electric hoist and trolley for bulk bag loading and unloading without a forklift.

Other configurations for bulk bag dischargers from Flexicon include a split frame design for forklift bag loading in low head-room areas, a half frame design for suspending bags during discharge using a forklift, a hoistable frame design for lifting the entire bulk bag discharger through use of an overhead crane and continuous loss-of weight dischargers used for uninterrupted feeding directly from bulk bags.

Other features of bulk bag dischargers from Flexicon include:

  • An offering of a broad range of accessories designed to improve performance, maintenance and cost-efficiency
  • Integral flow promotion devices
  • Dedicated bulk bag conditioners designed to loosen bulk solid materials that have solidified during storage and shipment
  • Easy retying of partially empty bags
  • Ability to collapse empty bags, free of spillage and dust

For effective, safe and clean solutions for discharging and retying bags, bulk bag dischargers from Flexicon Corporation provide products that are fully featured to provide reliable performances. 

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