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Flexible hose and metal hose from Flexible Piping Systems

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Flexible Piping Systems  manufactures and distributes flexible hose, expansion joints, automotive exhaust connectors, clamps, fittings, pipe hangers and hose management products.

Metal, composite and PTFE flexible hose is available in flexible metal hose assemblies, PTFE smooth bore and Corrugated Hose assemblies and Composite Petrochemical Hose and assemblies.

Flexible Piping Systems design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of flexible metal, composite and PTFE hose and assemblies for manufacturing and processing industrial applications which includes chemical processing, automotive, food and beverage, industrial gases, marine and industrial engine applications, mining and mineral processing, petrochemical, power generation, pulp and paper, refineries, steel industry and water and waste water industries.

Metal hose from Flexible Piping Systems is manufactured in two basic styles such as Corrugated and Stripwound styles. Metal hose offers a number of advantages like high strength, resistance to high or low temperature extremes and corrosion resistance. Metal hose absorbs vibration and noise and connects misaligned rigid piping and moving parts of the machinery. Metal hose is available in bronze, stainless steel and monel materials and are manufactured in sizes ranging from 6 millimetres to 350 millimetres nominal bore.

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