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Expansion joints from Flexible Piping Systems

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Flexible Piping Systems  manufactures a range of metallic joints such as metallic expansion joints, non metallic expansion joints and rubber and PTFE expansion joints. Flexible Piping Systems design, manufacture and distributes a full range of Metallic, Fabric, Rubber and PTFE expansion joints, Pipe Hangers and Supports.

Expansion Joints, Pipe Hangers and Supports are used for compensating movements resulting from misalignment, for absorbing vibration and thermal movement in pipework or ducting processes. Few applications of these products include steel, petrochemical, shipbuilding industries, gas and diesel engines and total energy plant industries.

Metallic expansion joints are designed to accommodate axial movement, universal lateral movement, pipeline expansion and vibration movements.

Flexible Piping Systems also manufactures non metallic expansion, duct type, fabric and composite expansion joints for the power generation, pulp and paper, cement and ship building industries. Non metallic expansion joints are manufactured in a wide range of configurations to meet all operating conditions. Non metallic expansion joints can also be designed to fit into existing systems without any major changes in the duct work.

Flexible Piping Systems supplies an extensive range of rubber and PTFE expansion joints. The rubber and PTFE expansion joints provide relief from stresses caused by thermal expansion and contraction in pipe lines or ducting systems.

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