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Composite hoses available from Flexible Piping Systems

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Tyco Flexible Piping Systems has been at the forefront of Composite hose design and manufacture in Australia for 40 years. Tyco Flexible Piping Systems are also known as Flexible Piping Systems and are a division of Tyco Flow Control Pacific.

Tyco Flexible Piping produces a comprehensive range of composite hoses, specifically engineered to safely and easily handle hydrocarbons, including: oils, petrol, diesel, lubricating oils, parrifin, and 100% aromatics, in all kinds of transfer.

Composite hoses are designed to meet demanding applications in Hydrocarbon, Chemical and Cryogenic transfer applications, offering strength, light weight, flexibility and versatility for variations in pressure, temperature and product conveyance compatibility.

Tyco Flexible Piping Systems’ composite hoses meet various Australian and International Standards and are available in sizes from 25mm to 250mm.

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