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Sewn flexible ducting and dog tunnels from Flexible Ducting Australia

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Flexible Ducting Australia  manufactures custom made sewn flexible ducting called Spiratube. Sewn flexible ducting is manufactured in exact specifications to suit specific requirements. Spiratube can be made in any diameter ranging from 75 millimetres through to 1800 millimetres and in any lengths up to 10 metres.

The appearance and performance of Spiratube can vary over a wide range options such as plain end cuffs, built in clamps, protective scuff strip for increased external abrasion resistance, high temperature capabilities, flame resistance, high crush resistance, self retracting, non-magnetic all synthetic, tabs and eyelets for ease of suspension or mooring, post fabrication coatings to seal the ducting for liquid transfers and many similar type of options.

Flexible Ducting Australia manufactures dog tunnels and customises each dog tunnel to suit specific requirements. Standard items include heavy duty PVC coated polyester material, protective scuff strip to prevent wear, pre formed spring steel wire helix and reinforced cuffed ends to ensure the ends stay fully open.

Dog tunnels have options like built in storage bag, tabs and eyelets to allow for easy mooring, diameters ranging from 300 millimetres to 1300 millimetres with any length up to 10 meters and has joining pieces to create tunnel networks for more complex obedience training, Dog tunnels are available as clear tunnels as well as in different colour options.

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