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Flexible ducting products from Flexible Ducting Australia

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Flexible Ducting Australia  supplies a wide a range of thermo welded ducting and custom made flexible ducting products. The range includes clear PVC welded ducting, coloured PVC ducting and heavy duty TPR ducting products.

Flexible Ducting offers an extensive range of standard styles of thermo-welded flexible ducting which are manufactured using polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber; textile reinforced thermoplastic rubber and PVC materials. The ducting products are available in various diameters ranging from 51 millimetres to 405 millimetres.
Flexible Ducting Australia has added a clear PVC welded ducting to its extensive range of ducting products. The ducting has a transparent appearance without any coloured tint. PVC welded ducting is available in custom made sizes.

In additional to the traditional blue PVC ducting, Flexible Ducting Australia also manufactures PVC ducting products in different colours. Coloured PVC ducting is available in various diameters.

Flexible Ducting Australia has developed a TPR duct which has a wall thickness of twice as the standard TPR ducting. This extra thickness increases the products abrasion resistance both internally and externally without any major decrease in flexibility. The ducting maintains bend uniformity to ensure flow through the bends. Heavy duty TPR is available in standard diameters as well as in less common sizes.

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