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GateSkates appoints exclusive distributor

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article image GateSkate suspension system.

FLEXIBLE Drive Agencies has been appointed exclusive Australasian agent for GateSkates.

GateSkates is an ergonomic low cost trailer gate suspension system designed for use on all types of tautliners.

GateSkates does away with the need to lift and remove trailer gates during loading and unloading of a truck or trailer. This is achieved by attaching the top of the gate to the framework of the trailer via a carriage, or bogey.

This bogey runs inside the same track that is used for the centre roof support pole.

From the bogey, two cables run down to meet the top corners of the gate. The gates are attached using 2 U-bolts.

Once the system is in place, the driver needs only to lift the gate enough to remove it from the comb (about 75mm), lower the weight onto the GateSkate and easily slide the gate out of the way.

GateSkates will assist in reducing back injuries caused by lifting and twisting. It improves efficiency by faster loading and unloading, make the driver’s life a lot easier and no more lost gates.

GateSkates uses a four wheel carriage to help eliminate jamming in the track.

Components are a combination of galvanised and stainless steel. Snap hooks are also available to allow for fast removal of gates if required. The entire cable is incased in a heavy duty PVC sleeve to reduce the likelihood of damage to expensive curtains.

GateSkates is patent pending and designed and produced by Flexdrive Cables Australia to the same stringent engineering standards specified by OE vehicle manufacturers - ISO14001.

Passing load testing of 300kg and drop testing of 20kg at 10,000 cycles, GateSkates is built ‘seriously tough’.

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